Garden and Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care

There’s nothing quite as pleasing to the eye as a green, well manicured lawn. It takes a lot of hard work to get your grass looking that good though. While you may not have the time or budget to get your lawn looking picture perfect, there are some simple things you can do to still get it looking really good. Here are the 5 keys to getting a great lawn.

Good Fertlising

Your grass doesn’t just need water, it needs food too. When you cut and water your lawn you end up removing some of the nutrients that your grass needs to grow. This is why it’s so important to fertilise your lawn. Once you get to the start of Spring you should fertilize your lawn about once a month. Just make sure that you follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging and don’t put too much on your lawn because that can damage the grass.

Regular Watering

Giving your grass water regularly is crucial to keeping it looking green on top and developing healthy roots under the ground. How often you need to water the grass really depends on the weather conditions you experience. A good indicator of grass that isn’t getting enough water is when the ends of the blades curl a bit or begin to wilt. The grass will also get a blueish grey color if it isn’t getting enough water.  Watering by hand is fine for a small lawn but if your lawn is big then rather get a decent manual sprinkler, or an automatic irrigation system if you can afford it. These automatic systems can often be set to regulate the moisture content of the ground with clever sensors that save you having to decide if your lawn needs water or not.

lawn watering

Cut Your Lawn Properly

It’s important to cut your lawn regularly. Not only does it keep it looking neat but it also makes your lawn thicken up. You’re better off cutting the lawn regularly without removing too much than waiting until it gets long and then having to take off a whole bunch. When you run your mower over the lawn don’t keep mowing in the same lines. Criss cross your lawn each time so that the grass doesn’t get pressed the same way each time. You want to be removing a little less than a quarter inch with each mowing. To edge your lawn properly it’s worth spending the money to buy the best weed eater your budget allows for.

Lawn Aerification

Your lawn needs to breathe. This doesn’t just apply to the blades on the surface but to the roots below the ground. Sometimes soil can be so compacted that it is difficult for air to get down to the roots. You can use a garden fork and some elbow greas to put some holes in the ground and, for the most part, this will help quite a bit. You also get garden tools that will make your efforts more consistent and a little easier.

Remove Weeds

Weeding can be a pain but it’s important to pluck them out of your lawn as soon as you see them. Don’t let the weeds get a chance to go to seed because then you’l have an even bigger problem.  When you remove weeds use a weeding tool so that you get the weed out along with the root.

There’s a lot more that you could do for your lawn but if you cover these 5 main things then you should start to see some good results. It does call for patience and persistance though. Keep watering, cutting, weeding and fertilizing regularly and your lawn will becomer greener and better established day by day.